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Welcome to the website of the Aronia Eggert cutting nursery!

We are a family-run company. For more than 45 years, we have specialised in cultivating, selecting and producing the highest quality black aronia (Aronia Melanocarpa) cuttings.

We were the first in Poland to register our own aronia variety, Nero Eggert. Our cuttings have a documented source of origin.

We sell locally and internationally. The Nero Eggert aronia bears fruit in 36 countries, from the North American prairie, through Europe to the remotest corners of Asia.

We provide expert advice, cultivation instructions, and assistance in the design, establishment, and management of aronia plantations.

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Nero Eggert

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Frequently Asked Questions

Black aronia (Aronia melanocarpa) is a berry shrub in the rose family that produces small black fruits that form clusters. The shrub grows up to 2.5 m tall and is about 2 m in diameter. In European climates, flowering starts in mid-May. The average fruit set time is 90 days. Aronia fruit is mainly used for food and medicine. Juices, concentrates, jams, sweets, freeze-dried, teas, extracts, medicines, food supplements and cosmetics.

Thanks to its high antioxidant content, aronia helps protect the body from harmful free radicals and prevents heart disease, atherosclerosis and diabetes. The fibre content of aronia fruit contributes helps regulate metabolism. In addition, aronia has anti-inflammatory effects and strengthens the immune system.
Eating properly and caring for our health is no longer a trend but a necessity. Consumers are looking for products with valuable nutritional and antioxidant properties. Therefore, the demand and consumption of aronia preserves is constantly increasing. It pays to invest in a steadily growing market that serves the health and beauty industry.
The cultivation of aronia is not complicated. The plant is hardy and adapts easily to changing climatic conditions. However, it is worth remembering that in order to obtain a high-yield, fruit of the highest quality, it is necessary to use the right cultivation technique and proven planting material. Another advantage is the possibility of harvesting the fruit by machine, reducing labour and costs.
Aronia is a hardy shrub. So far, we have not observed enough pests or diseases to threaten the planting. At present, there are occasional cases of young shoots being attacked by aphids or leaf-eating caterpillars. No insecticides are used on organic plantations and as many years of observations have shown, nature naturally eradicates pests. The chokeberry is also wholly resistant to fungal diseases.
Aronia is native to the eastern regions of North America, where it is highly adaptable to a wide range of conditions in the wild. Today, aronia is grown in many latitudes. From hot Turkey to frosty Finland. We have now established cultivation potential in 36 countries. Interestingly, aronia fruit tastes different in every climate!

Nero Eggert

It all starts with a cutting

Through careful selection over 45 years for the best characteristics, we have selected a proven cutting variety – Nero Eggert. We met several strict requirements in accordance with CPVO and UPOV guidelines.
Comparative studies have proven the distinctiveness, uniformity and sustainability of our variety. On 25 March 2022, many years of work were honoured with receiving an exclusive variety right.

The first Polish chokeberry variety was Nero Eggert.

The main features of our variety:

You can be sure of origin, reproducibility and quality by choosing our cuttings.

Our offer

We offer you the highest quality aronia cuttings. The material is vegetatively propagated from our
parent stock, the result of more than 45 years of selection work. We guarantee a certified source of origin and perfect reproducibility of the characteristics of the Nero Eggert.

We offer:

Two- and three-year-old, multi-stemmed, organic cuttings with a very strongly developed root system, ready to bear fruit, and well-developed one-year-old cuttings.

We guarantee 100% acceptance of the cuttings coming from our nursery.







Minimum class parameters: cutting size, root system size, number of rebounds:



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2. identifying needs and opportunities

3. creation of a plantation project

4. planning the agro-technical work stages

5. advice on establishing and managing plantations

6. aid to the sale or processing of fruit

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